Thursday, March 28, 2019

Parsley and a Surprise

When seeds are spread with profligate glee, this is what happens.
A plethora of plants.  An overwhelming, flowering, gone to seed invasion of parsley.  Something had to be done.  Thinning: We find the place where the plant meets the soil, grab firmly, and pull straight up.
We admire the root we have successfully extracted, and then, since we aren't composting (yet), the plants that no one wants to take home are carted to the trash can in our trusty green barrow.
This is a project with an unlimited life span; there were a lot of seeds spread with glee.
And then, nestled deep within her hanging basket, a treasure was discovered.
A radish.  A small, perfectly formed, red and white radish.
It was properly admired while Grandma Suzi found the plastic knife.
We shared tiny bits of our own garden grown produce.
Very tiny bits, but they were ours.

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