Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Queen T's brother lives in Kyiv.  Do I need to say anything else to explain the title of this post?  

We are following the news as best we can.  There is so much posturing and bloviating and posing with weapons of war that it's hard to separate facts from speculation.

Who can read Putin's mind?  Certainly not anyone in this house.

She doesn't want to call every day - she doesn't want to be a pest.  Yet she worries every day, wondering what's new, what's changing, what's happening.  

There is nothing he can do to prevent an invasion.  There is nothing that she can do, either.  For a woman who prizes control, this is quite disconcerting.  

She doesn't want to add to her brother's worries by letting on how upset she really is.  There's nothing he could do or say to make her feel any better.  Big Cuter's hugs are soothing.  Long phone conversations with Mom and Dad in Tucson remind her that she does not have to handle this alone.  

There is no way to make this okay, short of sending the Russians home right now.  And so, we worry.


  1. I have been making an effort to get up to date on the Ukraine situation. It does look grim.


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