Friday, February 11, 2022

And Just When I Was Enjoying It

Doping reared its ugly head at the Olympics.  Once again, the Russians are drugging little girls, in this case ice skater Kamila Valieva.  

I included her as one of the things that made me smile in yesterday's post, then watched the night time coverage and found out about the positive for a banned substance drug test she took before the Olympic games.  The potion took helped her heart work more efficiently, effectively making her more productive, less exhausted, able to practice longer and harder and perform feats of derring-do well into her routine, when other, less medicated skaters, might be tiring.

She's 15 years old.  I have a hard time blaming her for anything.

The Olympic Committee refused to let Russia participate under its own flag. That doesn't seem to hve made much of a difference - the doping is the same no matter what shade of lipstick you put on that pig.

I'm surprised that I'm as surprised as I am.


  1. I have not followed this latest mess very closely, but did hear enough to be shocked that the athlete drugged was the young child!
    I'm trying my hardest to avoid any controversy connected with the Olympics and just enjoy the action. The news, the nation, the world is brimming over with controversy. We seem to be able to make a big, mean deal out of everything.


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