Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day


That arrow has always puzzled me.  I know it is Cupid's arrow.  I know it's supposed to shoot love into one's heart.  It just hurts me to look at it.


That's a beating heart, which sends me straight to the emergency room, my heart palpitating out of control.


That's two hearts in one, a kind of suffocating love that terrifies me.


Circling hearts, chasing one another and never catching up - that's not my idea of love.


Resting on one another, one supporting the other, one leaning into the other - that looks like love to me.


Sometimes you are lucky enough to have stars in your heart, that fluttery feeling when everything is going just right.

Those are all the hearts that Blogger has to offer.  From mine to yours, I'm sending love and hugs and big smiles your way.  Happy Valentines Day, denizens.


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