Friday, February 18, 2022

I'm Going To Try To Resign

I'm retiring from the Happy Ladies Club, and my leadership of the unit that provides get well and condolence and Meal Train support to members in need.  It's a club for newcomers; I've been here 16 years.  The group supported me through my darkest hours and I'm glad to have given back what was so generously offered.  But, I'm done.  

I found a replacement and talked her through accepting the challenge.  I leave with no regrets.

Tonight, there's a Homeowners' Association meeting. I joined the board several years ago, against my better judgment.  It's a no-win situation, as anyone who's ever served on such a board will most certainly agree.  But there was a gap and a need and the evidence was in front of my house so I became the Landscape Committee.  

I then convinced Fast Eddie to assume the Presidency; he did so only with my assurance that I'd support him and stay on the Board.  I did.  It was COVID.  Others did the heavy lifting of enforcing parking restrictions and architectural review; I hired my landscape company and, being pleased with the results, had nothing more to do.  

But Fast Eddie's moved away, there's growing unrest in the lower quadrant of the neighborhood, and I'm tired of being involved.  A wonderful woman has assumed the Interim Presidency.  I could work with her, with pleasure and without angst.  I'd probably learn a thing or two from her if I did.  

It's just that I don't want to do it anymore.  I really don't.

Am I feeling my age?  Am I narrowing my world?  Am I indulging my passions and eliminating sources of stress?  

Or do I feel comfortable with new leadership?  Is it time for others to shoulder the mantle of responsibility?  Do I really care about anything that would be decided?  

I'm going to strengthen my resolve, put on my Big Girl Pants, and declare that I'm not running for another term.  I will resist, mightily, any efforts to change my mind..... should they occur.  I'm not egotistical enough to think that anyone worries things will fall apart without me.  I bring something to the table, but so will others.  

When I moved to Tucson I promised myself that I wouldn't go to any meetings.  I'm going to put that across the top of the note pad I bring tonight.

My work there is done.


  1. The always seems to be a need for people on boards and committees -- all of them thankless jobs, I'm sure. I tell people I will happily be a worker bee for specific projects. Tell me where to show up and what to do and I'll give it my all. But being in charge of the big picture is not for me.

  2. If that's what you want and you won't miss it, then stick to your decision. You have that choice.


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