Wednesday, February 2, 2022

My Version

Giblet left his shoes at day care today.  It doesn't matter, according to his maternal unit, because whether he stays home or goes there, he's wearing the boots he came home in.

FlapJilly's school is closed for the snowfall expected tomorrow.  Little Cuter was told to work at home and stay warm and safe.  

I worried about driving Giblet, about SIR working out in the world, with such bad weather.  This is Indiana, Mom.  We deal with it.

We have a Severe Weather Alert here too.  Below freezing temperatures are predicted overnight.  Precautions are urged.

Here are my precautions:

You saw the plants beneath them on Monday.  I want to be able to see them tomorrow morning.

We deal with it, too.


  1. Good luck to your plants. I think groundhogs everywhere are going back to sleep, even if they didn't see their shadows.


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