Thursday, February 24, 2022


I had a post written and scheduled and was giggling on the couch to Leslie Nielsen in one of the inane but hilarious Police Squad movies (does it really matter which one?) with TBG when Big Cuter texted.

Queen T was still working, so he wasn't going to interrupt her to tell her the news.  

He was warning us not to text her about ..... something.  

We changed the channel.  

CNN told us residents of Kyiv reported hearing bombs.... or shells... or really loud noises accompanying flashes of light... or fires.... or explosions.

Nope, there's no reason to tell her anything sooner than later.  There is absolutely nothing that she, nor anyone else we know, can do.  She's already worried about family and friends.  The current reality will only make it worse.  

There will be time enough to cry and fret and scream at the heavens.  Letting her enjoy a few more moments of ignorance is all he can do for her.  

It's more than we can do.


  1. It's all so much more frightening and tragic when you know someone directly affected. It makes it all more personal and real.

  2. It's possible that I have relatives in Ukraine since my maternal grandparent emigrated from there and My mother used to write to family member still living there. In any case, it is a deeply concerning situation.


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