Friday, February 25, 2022

Not So Far

He's been in and out of the garage many times since I changed out the pictures

He has to walk past them on his way to the garage refrigerator, a trip he makes several times every day, seeking liquid refreshment and oblivious to the world around himself.

He sees them when he sits down in the driver's seat and when he pulls back into the garage.  He ran a few errands today; he was in and out of his car.

They were there when he took the garbage can, which lives on the perpendicular wall to the new pictures, out to the street.

I'm not looking for credit for doing the work.  I'm not seeking praise for responding to his request the day after it was made.  Personally, I'm loving the change.  I don't miss the kid art at all (sorry, Cuters).  

I'll keep you posted if/when he notices.  

(I can't believe I milked two posts out of this.)


  1. This amuses me. I admire your restraint in not pointing out the change.

    1. OMG we came home from lunch together today, pulled in with the photos in front of his face, I said "don't you love our house?" and he looked right through the new stuff and said "Yes, I do"
      It was all I could do not to show him what he was missing, but I'm enjoying the ridiculousness of it all.


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