Thursday, February 10, 2022

Watching the Olympics

The parts I'm enjoying:

  • The families at home, crying and laughing and waving.  
  • The mom who gestured for her daughter to pull down her mask so that she could see her medal winning smile.
  • Nathan Chen twisting and landing and looking elegant in his tuxedo.
  • Mikaela Shiffrin's mom going up the mountain to console her I can't believe I missed those gates daughter.
  • Trying to count the number of turns and flips on the extreme sports, while wondering what would possess someone to ski backwards down a steep slope, and then turn somersaults while clutching the edge of her skis.
  • The snowboarders hugging the gold medal winner - not on their team, but who cares.
  • The older athletes - 50 year old Claudia Pechstein, Hanae Kubo at 39, 40-year-old snowboarders Nick Baumgartner and skeleton racer Katie Uhlaender.
  • Kamila Valieva, 15 years old and spinning and leaping on the ice with no fear.
  • The views of the Gobi Desert from the top of the ski jump.
What I'm not enjoying:

I can't think of anything.  

I miss the splendor and the fans and the tourist visits made by the commentators, but it's COVID and I'm used to that kind of disappointment.  

But my favorite thing about the Olympics is that it has replaced football as TBG's tv sports go-to choice.


  1. I am kind of out of the loop on Olympics. I get so tense with the competition that I have decided to be content with reading about it after the fact. I have no idea why I react that way.

    1. Maybe because, as Big Cuter noted, it's all about slipping and sliding on uncertain surfaces? I like knowing that they will be successful )or not) before I watch it, too. Most of the prime time coverage has been taped, so TBG can save me from disappointment by listening to the talking heads all day and warning me off.

  2. WE have different favorites, but I am enjoying watching most of it, as much as I can. I could do without most of the commentary and just enjoy the mostly young people doing what they love.

    1. The commentary is ridiculous - either inane or arcane. They concentrate on the medal count; I think how happy they all must be just to be there.


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