Friday, February 4, 2022

Little Cuter and FlapJilly and SIR are all working from home today, each calmly taking care of business on their own computers (FlapJilly's teacher having sent hers home in anticipation of e-learning due to snow), snuggling on the couch, feeling warm and cozy...... when the first bug was noticed.

There it was, and then there they were -  head lice, for the third time this year., crawling across FlapJilly's golden curls, the golden curls her mother had been leaning against just moments before.

Into the shower they went, with special shampoo and a general agreement on the yucky and time consuming nature of the infestation.  I happened to call after FlapJilly's hair had been meticulously nit combed; Little Cuter told me her sorry tale as SIR nit picked her hopefully louse-free head.

So, that's been my life.  I'm either at the office or washing everything she's touched.

Yes, agreed SIR.  It's your work/lice balance.

We were pretty proud of him for that one.


  1. I remember once the entire school shut down for a head lice infestation. No computers for home learning in those days, but I am sure everyone was very busy shampooing and picking anyway.

  2. Oh boy. Not fun, but that was a great one liner.

    1. He was pretty proud of himself - he and his dad are groan-inducing punsters, but this one was spot on and perfect.


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