Wednesday, February 16, 2022

And, Again

Are you tired of hearing about my PNC woes?  I am certainly tired of feeling them.

I paid bills this morning was thwarted in my efforts to pay my bills this morning.  I entered the amounts and the dates and clicked the SUBMIT button and there it was again - the red notice telling me that they were unable to process my bills at this time, glaring at me underneath every entry I'd made.

Reluctantly, I called the customer service number.  Of course there was inane verbiage.  Of course there was unusual waiting at this time.... only this time it was unusual in that I only waited 5 minutes instead of 45 minutes or more.

Of course, the service agent was nearly unintelligible.  She did, however, speak faster every time I said Excuse me, what was that?  

She wanted to know why the notice was popping up.  Yes, in fact, she was asking me that question.  I reminded her that the reason I stated for my call was that red notice and PNC's seeming inability to pay my bills.  

Yes, this had happened before.  No, I had no idea why.  Wasn't that what she was supposed to figure out?

She wondered if I had cleared my cache and cookies - my carefully curated cache that bypasses the beginning nonsense and sends me just where I want to go.  Clear my cookies?  How will I find where I want to go again?  

(Brother is tearing his hair out right now - he's big on clearing cookies and various other forms of computer maintenance.  I admit that his pleas and suggestions fall on my deaf ears.)

I hung up and made an appointment with TBG to go to the credit union tomorrow.  Enough is enough


  1. Complete sympathy for the utter folly of trying to get any kind of customer service these days. Technology is grand until it doesn't work. Your description of phone interaction did make me laugh in a rueful kind of way that also made my stomach roll with body memory of the frustration of those type of interactions.

    1. It's laugh or cry in those situations, isn't it? I try to be sympathetic to the person - she was only doing her job, after all - but paying attention to and being understood by the customer seem like basics, right?


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