Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What Day of the Week Is It? - A Snippet

I thought I'd have a better handle on the day to day.

I thought that being able to go out and about would help me hold onto the days and the months.

I've long ago given up remembering the date; once I've paid the bills on or around the 29th of the month, I'm clueless.  When we weren't going anywhere it didn't matter if it was Tuesday or Sunday.  TBG took care of the television, but we weren't watching anything in particular on any day in particular so that didn't help, either.

But now I have an appointment every Thursday morning with the Pilates diva.  I have to stay more connected; I slept through one session already.  

The fact is, I'm not trying that hard to know.  I find myself missing the endless flow of one day into another, with only our meals to break the routine.  

This having things to do and places to go and people to see stuff is hard.


  1. Just when things start to open up I am a prisoner of my detached retina. A second type of lock down! I am really anxious to resume a life that involves things other than finding rides to the eye doctor.

    1. Oh, no! Were I there, I'd gladly take you :-) Don't worry - the world will be there when you're ready, I promise!


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