Thursday, May 13, 2021

We Are Having Milk Shakes for Dinner

There's a bunny in the courtyard right now.  

He's all by himself, which is unusual; two together is the norm.  But, here he is, gently hopping into the excavation surrounding my rose bush.  There are no flowers, only the hips, and he doesn't seem interested.

He's a graceful little fellow, soft and well-fed and inquisitive.  The one eye I can see is huge and dark and whirling around in its socket, mimicking the big ears that have just perked up and are twitching ................

Up on his hind legs, head swiveling, then 6 hops and he's gone, under the pony wall, through the drainage hole, away from the birds searching for their dinner.  He's pretty big for most of them, but the hawks would grab him up in a moment.

And, in the time it took me to type that (much longer than it took to happen) he's back, out in the front yard, investigating the stones and being eyed by a mourning dove, sitting atop the saguaro's newest arm.

It's dinner time everywhere, it seems.


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