Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Stones and Bricks

SIR has taken home improvement to the next level, and then some.  Little Cuter calls him her Super Hero; he accomplishes more in less time than is reasonable for a mortal human.

This weekend, he unloaded three yards of gravel from his Dad's truck into his own backyard.  The first load was quick, backing the vehicle up to the gate and tossing the stones over the area where grass refuses to grow.  The second load was anticipated, and unloaded with even greater alacrity when it became obvious that a third yard was needed..... and the supplier closed at 3.

By the time the third yard was spread evenly and the truck was returned, we were on FaceTime with their family, admiring his work.

At the same time, their neighbor began eyeing the mailboxes that live on his front lawn; the kids' mailbox is there, right next to his, allowing the mail carrier to go up one street and down another without missing a house.  Many in the area have decorated these spots, with flowers and seasonal flags and decorative edging.  Their mailboxes have remained unadorned..... until yesterday.

As my son-in-law was hauling gravel, his elderly neighbor stood, arms akimbo, studying the situation.  At some point, 15 bricks appeared at the site, and Pete was still standing.  Over the course of the afternoon, amid much more contemplative examination, those bricks were placed in a circle around the posts holding the boxes aloft.  

Little Cuter has hopes that Mrs. Pete will plant flowers.  SIR was amused at the endless staring.  I suggested that, perhaps, Pete hoped SIR would cross the street and offer to help.  

Just another day in the suburbs.... and we'll be there in 10 more days to see it for ourselves. 


  1. Yay! A trip to see the grandkids sounds wonderful. I remember getting huge loads of bark, gravel, rocks and etc. when we lived in the Pacific NW. Fortunately we were much younger and stronger. Hats off to SIR for the raking.

    1. Mulch and firewood - that's what I schlepped in Marin.
      YES.. we're seeing them at the end of next week..... excoted doesn't begin to describe it.

  2. 17 days for us to visit our VCG, very cute granddaughter. It's been two years.

  3. And each sunrise brings it closer!


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