Thursday, May 27, 2021

Do I Have To Decide?

C J Box writes one of my favorite series.  Joe Pickett roams the mountains of Wyoming, enforcing hunting and fishing regulations and solving complex murders with the aid of his falconer friend and the women in his life.  He's a complicated man living a life I can only imagine, and C J Box describes is so that I feel that I'm shivering in the cold, right along side him.

The public library is now open to visitors.  We are asked not to browse, so I picked up my reserved book and moved over to FICTION to find another Hilary Mantel opus.  I was waylaid by the new location of New Fiction, from which I picked up Dark Sky, the latest Joe Pickett story, and a new shelf labeled Aren't You Lucky! which yielded three James Patterson books - perfect for getting between me and preparing for the visit to the grandkids.

I came home at 11, and, except for an hour out to swim and talk to the kids, I read straight through until 4.  It was a fine, fun, fast read.  Though filled with polemics, and certainly not his best work (quarantine was hard, and took a toll on C J Box, too) it raised interesting issues (the focus of attention is on a faux-Mark Zuckerberg) and skirted around others (was it incest or the interwebs that led to the suicide?) but it stopped me in my tracks when a reliable narrator made a  reference to an antifa rally.

There's no such thing.

Antifa brigades believe that Nazism would not have gotten a hold on Germany if people had taken to the streets to break up their rallies.  In that vein, when white supremacists gather, antifascists show up to disrupt things.  They are often violent, but they don't surface except in response to fascists in our streets.

They don't hold rallies.

I had to pause when it came up in the book.  Ignorance?  Stirring up the masses?  A dog whistle?  

And, more important, does it make a difference?  Do I have to avoid him like Kevin Spacey films?  I take comfort in the fact that I took this from the library, so he's not directly profiting from my experience.

Life is very confusing these days. 


  1. It can be difficult to separate artist from the art.

    1. Errol Flynn... all those MiraMax films.....James Woods.... Edgar Rice Burroughs....


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