Monday, May 17, 2021


Whole Foods is no longer sanitizing cartsw, but is requiring masks inside the store.  Approaching the plexiglass encased staff temperature check booth while putting on my mask, I motioned to the 20-something chatting away on her cell phone without a mask in sight.  

I guess we're not taking this mask thing very seriously any more, eh?

He laughed.

Baskin Robbins requires masks, too, even though the worker bees and I were all vaccinated.  Two young women came in at the end of our conversation, and one volunteered that she was vaccinated too.  Her friend made non-committal hand gestures while nodding.

Then we should all be comfortable taking off our masks, right?  

We all agreed, but kept ourselves asked, anyway.


Albertsons is still sanitizing carts, but the outdoor workers don't have to be masked.  Inside, once again, face coverings were required and I complied, seething under cloth I really didn't need to wear.

Saturday night we drove Fast Eddie and JannyLou to dinner at Dr. K and Not-Kathy's house.  None of us wore masks.  We all hugged.  We shared serving utensils.  We ate indoors.  Despite the extraordinary number of dietary restrictions present around the table, we managed to create a feast.

This is like Thanksgiving was said more than once.  


Breadsmith's wanted my face covered.  At this point, I was tired of repeating If we believed the science and stayed home, now we should believe the science and unmask.  

The issue is trust..... and for this I have let the former guy into my brain again.  Did anyone worry that the polio vaccine was an evil plot?  Was smallpox eradicated by fear of a vaccine?  No, because the leaders stood up and said Do It!  That the airwaves are transmitting the lie only makes my heartache even worse; we own those airwaves and we ought to have oversight that demands the truth.  

I felt guilty all weekend, whether masked or not.  What message was I sending, and to whom?  Was that woman glaring at me in the parking lot squinting because of the sun or trying to tell me I'm a sheep for wearing a mask....except that would be backward, since now wearing a mask outside means you are unvaccinated......

How about a barcode stamped on my forehead?  I'm just about ready.


  1. I will continue to mask, regardless of the mandates and the fact that I am vaccinated. There are too many unvaccinated people out there, and they are the ones who will not be wearing masks. I trust science, not the general public. But that's just me.

    1. I am with Ellyn. I will keep wearing my mask. Too many people will lie, especially the ones who have been virus deniers and anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers all along. I trust science, not the general public--well said, Ellyn. And I am very angry at all the retailers who have rescinded their mask requirements. I am seething at them, NOT at the ones who are still requiring masks of customers as well as staff.


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