Friday, May 28, 2021

Too Excited to Think

Yes, it's true - I am too excited to compose coherent thoughts.  

TBG and I leave tomorrow to hug our daughter and her family for the first time in 18 months.  We're seasoned post-Pandemica travelers, having flown last month for Big Cuter's wedding, so the airport scene and the whole flying thing aren't terrifying.  They are annoying, since we'll have to be masked throughout, but that's all.

We'll arrive after the littles are asleep, but we've been promised a rousing GOOD MORNING!!!! 

Like FlapJilly told her mother, I'm too excited to sit or lie down or stand up - it kind of hurts inside.

And so, to spare you any more blather and drivel, I'll counter the cicada stories from back east (climbing on legs, landing in hair, too noisy to bear) with this wildlife scene from my courtyard right now:

This little fella was under the window, having dinner, for quite a while.
Then, he hopped over to the fence to see what the mourning dove was looking at.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, denizens.
I know that TBG and I will be having the time of our lives.
We've waited half of Giblet's life for this.
I'm going off to imagine my daughter's arms wrapped around me.........


  1. Wonderful! Have a great time of hugging and talking and playing and hugging again.


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