Sunday, May 30, 2021


The plane was delayed an hour.  We, of course,  were there 2 hours early. Wearing a mask for 3 extra hours wasn't part of the plan; TBG's mask tolerance was struck to the limit before we boarded.

Our 3rd seatmate was a lovely woman on her way to surprise her family.  Her legs were much longer than mine; sharing my foot space seemed like the friendly thing to do.  

We all read and napped and hoped that the plane would fly faster.  TBG availed himself of the free-with-an-Allegiant- credit-card Diet Coke.  I opted for my water bottle filled with ice tea. 

I reached for it.  I popped the button. The straw shot right up.... bringing with it a giant stream of liquid... heading for the ceiling before landing on my lap.... on my sweater.. on my face. 

Our seat mate had a wad of tissues pressed to my self before I realized that I was wet.  My white sweater absorbed most of the spray,  turning it to ecru as I watched in horror.  The seat belt sign was on,  so I couldn't rinse it out.... not that I had another shirt to swap with. 

And so, as TBG massages his swollen kneecap,  and the lady to my right does the same, I sit between them holding my pant legs away from my skin,  my sweater away from my chest,  wondering about the physics of liquid escaping upward while flying through the air. 


  1. Sorry, it is kind of funny to picture in my mind!


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