Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Really Random Thoughts

12-15 year olds can be vaccinated against COVID-19.


Liz Cheney's out and the twice impeached former guy leads the news and the talking heads can't get enough of him and I just don't care.  I refuse to participate in his resurrection. My life is lovely without him.  


A town in Japan bought a giant pink squid with the pandemic assistance funds the government sent their way.  It's a tourist town and they figured this would help them in the future.  I can't decide if I'm appalled at their disregard for immediate human suffering or if I'm enchanted by their optimism.


The East Coast's main gasoline pipeline has been hacked for ransom and the news is worried about what it will do to prices.  I'm stuck at pipeline has been hacked for ransom.  This is not a good thing.  This is a serious attack on our infrastructure.  Someone ought to be sounding an alarm, not worrying about how much it will cost to drive down to see Grandma this summer.  


As the world reopens, the laundry expands back out into the directions it explored before we became shut-ins.  There are many more categories.  

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.


It's The Yellow Season here in the desert Southwest and the pollen is everywhere.  Acacia are just starting out as the palo verdes are finishing up and it's just weeks and weeks of little yellow flowers everywhere..... inside the bbq and on top of the pool and inside the door if you don't close it quickly... and yes they are beautiful, especially against the bluest of blue skies, but the allergens keep us on edge.

As long as it's just a scratchy throat or itchy eyes we're pretty sure it's not minor COVID symptoms.


Did I mention that teens can get vaccinated?  It's possible that littler ones could be eligible by summertime.  

Isn't science grand?


  1. I have a palo verde branch draped over my wall in the front. We should have cut it off sooner, but now it's covered in flowers and bees. Across the wash from me is an enormous acacia in the neighbor's yard. My scratchy burning eyes will be glad when they are done with the blooming.


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