Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Getting Back to Real Life - Random Thoughts

My cell phone rang today.  Twice.  

It hasn't rung twice in one day since Pandemica began.  Texts come through on a regular basis, emails pop up and are quickly answered, but a ringing phone that demands to be spoken to was a rarity.  

The first call was from my Cousin Ilene; we don't speak often enough.  The second call was from a Phoenix area code; I picked it up with trepidation.  Usually, the 602 calls are from Amy from Health Care Services reminding you.... I've never heard more than that, hanging up before I scream futiley at a recorded message.  This call was from a name I recognized.... but couldn't immediately place..... though she identified herself with the expectation clear in her voice that I would know who she was.  

Awkward.... until I decided to laugh at myself, concede my faux pas, and move on, promising to attach her name to the phone number now living in my contacts.  
We're planning a trip to see the grandkids.  I want to go today, but that's unrealistic.  I have their vacation dates and school dates and the airlines' calendars up on the computer screen, hiding behind the tabs next to this one.

I tried to do this on Saturday night on my phone, while TBG was watching blather about the NFL Draft.  Every time I pressed Purchase These Flights an error message occurred.  They had changed the prices and I had to start again.

At the third rejection, I gave up.  By waiting until today, I've inflicted a sizeable monetary penalty on our trip.  It doesn't seem quite fair, but then, why should it?  The only coughing and unmasked passenger on our last flight was wearing an airline employee polo shirt and name tag.  
Walking outside without my mask is my reward for being vaccinated.  It is not a statement that I don't like masks (I don't, but I understand their utility and I put up with them for the good of the whole).  It's enjoying the privilege my vaccination has earned me.

I still feel like I should have a bar code tattooed on my forehead, announcing to the world that I'm safe to be out in the world.
We went to dinner with Dr K and Not-Kathy last night.  We ate outdoors, on a socially distanced patio, with a fully vaccinated server, and food that none of us had to cook or clean up.  

We even had dessert.

It felt marvelous, if somewhat more anxious than usual.  Instead of trying to eavesdrop on conversations, we were alert for the errant sneeze or cough.  Luckily, there were none.

We might even do this again.
SIR asked about our emotional reaction to being out in the world.  He and Little Cuter have been keeping their family secluded, venturing out only for FlapJilly's 5 days a week in person school and Giblet's day care so Mommy and Daddy can work.  There have been no indoor adventures, no family visits, no restaurants.  

We admitted to the sense that something is not right even when we knew, intellectually, that we were fine.  Believing in the science is one thing.  Getting my heart and soul to join the parade is something else, entirely.


  1. I can't imagine eating in a restaurant anytime soon, even on an outside patio. Up here in Yavapai County more and more people are not wearing masks (a friend estimates it's now 50/50 in Walmart), and while there is no way of knowing who is vaccinated, I am guessing that many of those wandering around in the stores without masks are those choosing to not get vaccinated. It's bad enough going into a store here, but at least it's way quicker than eating in a restaurant would be. Visiting with a few friends or family inside a home is one thing, but I still consider being in public way too risky given the variants and the things "they" still don't know about the vaccines etc. I am encouraged hearing about your adventures though and hope all goes well for you! I'm enough of an introvert that I don't mind waiting awhile yet for all the things that should be safe to do now that I'm vaccinated!

    1. I'm believing the science even as I'm anxious. So many of my friends are freer than I am, and that gives me comfort since they are smart and vaccinated. But I won't go into Walmart, and Albertsons and Costco were requiring masks and were uncrowded and huge so that felt okay... and felt like a reward I could safely enjoy for being good during lock down and having my shot.
      I TOTALLY GET your anxiety. TBG shares your love of home and hearth, but traveling for the wedding and surviving the Las Vegas airport makes a lot of things feel okay in comparison, even for him.


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