Monday, May 10, 2021

A Mother's Day Snippet

Among many other wonderful celebratory interactions, I kept coming back to Giblet's video message.

Dressed in his just-like-daddy outfit, his opening comment was Happy Mother's Day, Grampa!

Much hilarity ensued, as he was prompted and failed to say what everyone expected him to say.  Instead, it was a word salad, created by a young brain that's just learning to put thoughts together in paragraphs, that's working overtime to keep up with what's churning, that sometimes just has to smile and say all the loving words he knows.

Thus, it was happy everyone day, with our names mixed together, our genders confused, and all of us smiling and laughing and loving.

Happy Mother's Day, indeed.


  1. That's sweet.
    I had wishes from my children, all too far away right now. And I attended a gathering (in person, mostly outdoors) of special women friends who are also far from daughters and sons and grand-little ones. That was special in the way a group of kindred female souls can so often be.

    1. Kindred Female Souls.....a great description of girlfriends!
      Glad you had a good day


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