Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Goggles and Giggles

There was just a little bit of extra stress in LIttle Cuter's life yesterday.  She called on her drive home, knowing that TBG does not approve of phone use while operating a motor vehicle.  Recognizing this as a sign that we were needed, I listened and he managed to keep his angst below the level of explosion as we absorbed the information, applauded the plan, and agreed that America's response to Covid 19 sucks.

All she wanted was someone to tell her what to do.  Between doctors and clinics and the CDC and the FDA and POTUS there were just too many notions and not many facts floating in the ether.  She's right, the answers shouldn't be this hard to find, especially 7 plus months into this.

Giblet squealed as they turned the corner into his neighborhood, and we left our girl with a rueful smile on her beautiful face.  

I felt the distance between us opening, chasm-like, yawning ever wider.  I wanted to do something.  There was nothing to do.  It's times like these that make us consider relocating to Indiana.

Fifteen minutes later, my phone announced a message.  The Halloween package of goodies to replace our physical presence for the first time in FlapJilly's life had arrived.  There were two Talavera pottery mini-pumpkins, Grandmother and Grandfather Pumpkinski, there to share the joy since Gramma and Grampa were stuck in Arizona.  There was a book and some cooking extras and, for reasons that deserve a post of their own, two pairs of brand new Speedo goggles.

We got to peel off the stickers!

Thank you, Priority Mail and the USPS for bringing me to my daughter's doorstep when I couldn't be there myself.

That face is just what I was after.


  1. So glad you could feel some closeness even across the many miles.

  2. This is the hard part, the being kept at a distance, through no fault of your own.


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