Tuesday, October 20, 2020


We drove to the public library to vote today.
Not the one around the corner, the one where we've voted in the past, where I've met my friends serving as poll watchers, where I signed my name just below TBG's and walked to the booth with my ballot in hand. I'd smile as I deposited the paper into the slot, nodding thanks to the worker who handed me my

Nope, not that one at all.

Instead, we put on our shoes and drove 5 miles north, turned right onto Naranja..... and TBG came to a quick and unexpected stop.  There was a line.  A car line, moving slowly, steadily down the hill then turning into the driveway and going up the hill, through the parking lot, and around to the front door.  

There were smiles.  There were thumbs up.  There were masks and thank yous and a paper reminder of how and where to track my ballot.  TBG pulled into a space so that I could return my library books (any deposit box in the system is fine) and then we were done.

The line was as long when we left as it was when we arrived.  

And now I've done it all.  I've written postcards.  I've written letters.  I've written an op-ed.  I've donated.  I've attended. I've stickered my car and signed my house.  I won't phone bank (I don't answer those calls myself so I can't inflict them on anyone else).  

I am done.  There's nothing to do now but wait.

I am not good at waiting.


  1. We drove into downtown Tucson and dropped off our ballots curbside at the County Registrar's office. We had to circle a couple of blocks to find it, but other than that it was painless and we didn't have to get out of the car. It feels weird, we've done what we can, please let it be enough.


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