Friday, October 9, 2020

A Family Text-A-Thon

I'm looking forward to the next debate for only one reason.  Not for the stimulating dialogue or relentless questioning by probing moderators, not for the drama and the excitement and the aha moments, no, not for any of that.

What I'm anticipating is two hours texting with my far-flung family.  

Trump/Biden was awful, but Little Cuter and I kept one another sane until Queen T started typing on the family chat.  Then we joined the others in decrying the collapse of American civilization.  We hung up when none of us needed any more comforting..... it took a while.

Pence/Harris was a different kettle of fish, entirely.  Kamala introduced herself to America, and while some men seem to think that she was angry and a monster, the family agreed that she was Mom-ing him.  

It didn't take Joy Reid to explain that every black child in America knew those faces.  I must have texted I'm speaking" two dozen times.  The only thing I texted more was Her Face!!!  Those expressions told me what Pence was saying even when I couldn't bear to hear his sanctimonious blathering any longer.  

She was responding in the moment, just like we were.  She seemed approachable and enthusiastic and ready for the fight.

Mike Pence sat with a fly on his head.  The Biden campaign's fly swatter was created and sold out in a matter of minutes.  I'll spare you the what flies eat/land upon/signify memes.  They had us laughing last night.  They are everywhere.  Look and enjoy.

There were moments of CAPITALIZATION and moments of screaming at the screen, but mostly there was admiration for Sen. Harris and derision of Mike Pence, who seemed unable to answer a question or seem to care about any of the blather he was spewing.

Mayor Pete did a damn fine job of explaining Pence's style - lying with Midwestern sincerity.  Susan Page was useless as a controller of the scene.  My family was funnier than Nicole and Joy and Rachel on MSNBC last night.

That's it.  It's over.  Will there be another one?  Will I watch it if there is n mute button?  One wonders....



  1. You have much more fortitude than I do to sit and listen to the debates. My anxiety levels cannot handle it. To change the subject to something wonderful--I'm going to read to the first graders later today via the Internet and MS Teams. I've been in touch with 3 of Columbia's teachers and set a schedule for storytelling. This will help me survive. And the teachers are gleeful.

    1. JEALOUS!!!!
      I tried to set up something, but then the District decided to open (hybrid, in cohorts) on Oct 12 and everyone was set scrambling for the return of small humans to the campus.


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