Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall in the Desert

We have six wonderful weeks when the temperatures are in the 70's and 80's and the breeze is cool and the sun is shining but not burning through your skin.  I can be outside without a hat shielding my face and my neck.  My long sleeve shirt and gloves (necessary and essential for these spiky garden tasks) are not impossibly hot.  There's no sweat rolling into my eyeballs, requiring glove removal and finding a clean spot on my shirt to wipe the drips.

I turned on Pod Save America and got to work.  The aloe vera along the side wall gave new meaning to overgrown.  The brown, dead leaves crunched off with a gentle tug of my fingers.  
Once they were clear of what was no longer viable, I pruned the burnt tips and the chewed upon outer leaves of the main plants, and began to remove the newbies which grew from the roots.  
The pups spent some time in buckets of water
while I admired my progress

I ended up with 31 pups which I potted in containers which have accumulated over the past 14 years.

They'll go to the classrooms at Prince, where the scholars can nurture the plants and the plants can soothe the pricks and scrapes of childhood.  Garden Club has seeded  knowledge throughout the student body.  They know what to do.

I can't be there in person.  I have to find new ways to stay connected.  


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