Thursday, October 8, 2020

Random Thoughts On The Elections

Though I've been looking forward to watching Kamala slice and dice the VP, I wish she had refused to participate, citing the CDC guidelines that say Mike ought to stay at home for 14 days.

I'm worried for her.


Martha McSally's grin drove me away from the screen after 9 minutes.  She was full of invective and disingenuousness and calling out a Naval officer on his patriotism rang hollow.... and that was one and a half questions in.  

I have a loud voice.  I'm passionate and sometimes I get carried away. But I like to think that  the sounds I'm emitting are worth hearing. Martha's were not.


Mark Kelly looked just fine next to her, spiffy in a jacket and tie, looking straight at the person whose question he was actually answering with facts and a calmness beside the chaos beside him.  

I caught an unintended snippet in the car a while later.  Mark was asked to respond to something and he said,  "I don't know where she's getting these facts.  Now she's just making things up."

And then he shut up.  The moderators waited for him to continue, but he'd said enough.

I can't wait for my ballot to show up.


Little Cuter voted this morning in South Bend and regaled us with the wonderfulness of it all on our call this afternoon.  

  • The doors opened at exactly 8:00.
  • Masked and socially distanced, the line moved smoothly through a 4 story atrium with hand sanitizer stations every 3 feet.  
  • The poll workers were masked and gloved and protected by plexiglass and more bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • Her identification was sprayed with cleanser before it was returned, she chose her own pen from a box and returned it for sanitizing after she had an emotional moment or two in the booth, marking her ballot, feeling like this could make a difference.... there is hope.
  • And, best of all was Miss Yvonne's response when Little Cuter thanked her for being a poll worker:  We all have to do something, baby.

I'm still worried about Kamala.  I hope someone from her side verified the negative tests...... not that it matters.

Joe Biden's Gettysburg speech was a damn fine piece of oratory.  

Not Obama-esque by any means, but a guy from Scranton standing in front of 4 military flags blowing in the wind above hallowed ground and telling me why I should trust him with the future took my shoulders out of my ears for the first time since the election was called in 2016.

I have hope.  For the first time in a long time, I have hope.

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