Friday, October 30, 2020

My Sister's Ruler - A Quick Blast From the Past

Our calendula seeds were to be planted 1/4" to 1/2" deep.  Some of the scholars knew which knuckle on which digit was 1", some had no idea what those kids were talking about.  I was at my desk, in front of Lenore the Lenovo, and I couldn't get up.  My left arm reached over to the top desk drawer and felt around for something useful.

I found my sister's ruler.  
She was probably 10 years old when this wooden marvel came into her possession.  We probably bought it at Smiles, the 5-and-Dime store situated right our town square, when we joined the throngs of First Day of School shoppers.  

Smiles is now a funeral home.
My sister is edging closer to Medicare.
The ruler abides.


  1. Thanks for the grin and the chuckle. I was afraid you were going to say your sister was edging close to the funeral home. I hope not!

  2. i have been looking for that ruler for a really long time. signed, your sister. who also did not lose the water pump pliers.

    1. I must have taken it from G'ma (Mommy) one of the times I moved her. Now you know where it is. You can stop looking.
      a/b (your sister)


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