Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Voting 2020

The sign came from Penzey's.  It was up for several weeks before our ballots came the day after they were mailed.  
I had done my research and formed my opinions.  We sat at the table with all the information we had gathered, our black pens, and a gazillions pages of instructions and notices which we read thoroughly.

It felt very good to mark a ballot and feel part of a movement to right the ship of state.  I voted for local officials I know and love, a Senator I know and admire, and a US Representative who always remembers my name.  There was school funding and recreational marijuana and a paperwork change at the Community College that has to be ratified by we, the people.

The only races left to decide are for the School Board.
I'm embarrassed to say that I have never attended a meeting, so I have to rely on second hand data. 

I was unable to find anything but an Introducing the Candidates article on-line, which basically told me nothing. There are no websites dedicated to anyone's candidacy. The youngest (and only non-incumbent)  has a fairly robust (for this election, anyway) Facebook presence.  

I liked what I saw there, but there are four people running for three seats.   Someone's got to go.

Amster knows and likes another one of the candidates, so that's easy.  Now, I'm left with one more choice, and the only people I know who might have an informed opinion on the matter have not responded to my pleas for advice.

It's a quandary.  


  1. Well, I don't feel as bad about the school board voting. I thought about asking you what you thought. The judges were kind of odd, one votes on whether to retain or not. If "not" wins, then what happens? We voted no on the judge that belongs to the Federalist society, but other than that, there was not a lot of information available.

  2. We have received a state voters guide but not a county/local one. I think there will be surprises on our ballot that we will have to try to research too.


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