Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Recreacting My Life - A Snippet

My Pilates studio is offering classes via Zoom.  Today, I took two of them. Then, I swam laps, working on my endurance and breathing.

The pool is surrounded by my springtime blossoms.  Violas and snapdragons and gomphrena and roses.... oh, my roses..... surround the pool in the backyard.  When the breeze is blowing just right and the sun has heated the blooms to their most fulsome loveliness the aroma is everywhere.  Just sitting outside and breathing heals my soul.
I miss being outside with the Prince scholars.  On the other hand, my own garden has never looked this good.

And now I've discovered a wonderful way to connect with Scarlet  - on-line Mah Jongg.  We FaceTime on one device and play together on another, each in our own houses but together. Staying Home has brought the amount of time and enjoyment I get while playing games into specific relief.  I missed all the aspects of it - the game itself, the friend across the table, the anticipation and the after action reports. 

For the past three days, I've had all of that from the comfort of my kitchen table, in my pj's, for as long as we feel like playing, whenever we feel like playing.  After all, neither of us has traveled the 9 miles that separate us to get to the game. 

We're just a click away.

I said this before - we're only as far away as we allow ourselves to be.


I know how lucky I am.  I wish I could invite you all to join me. I know how privileged I am. 

I send healing vibes to all as I continue to call my MOC's and remind them that We, the People are more important than big business, that money isn't getting where it needs to get, that voting by mail is an essential part of the funding package.

I, like most of us, am doing the most, the best that I can.

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