Thursday, April 30, 2020

Good Intentions

I planned to read all 23 books.... but, it turns out, there are only 22 of them.  I finished the series this morning, much to my dismay.  I'll miss the characters and Alaska..... equally. 

This left a hole in my day's planned activities.  Further complicating the situation was a technical glitch with the Pilates program and by the time it was all sorted out I was on to cleaning the bathrooms.  It's not my favorite chore, but it needs to be done and I'm much more efficient than TBG and I was peeved about missing my exercise hour and therefore in the perfect mood to be cleaning toilets. 
I spent some quality time with the lime remover and a Mr. Clean eraser in our shower.  The tiles are lovely but require a lot more maintenance than a drop in shower with a plastic insert protecting the walls.  As I sighed a bit more loudly than I might otherwise have done were I not looking for solace, I reminded myself that that's the price we pay for beauty.

My Young Friend and I worked in the yard,  she redistributing the stones which serve as ground cover and I putting irrigation flags at the outlets which spew water at each setting.  It's a chore that I've never felt emotionally able to tackle; the controller has flummoxed me so often that I just leave it alone and pray. 

But our water bill is twice what it ought to be and while some of that is probably because we are spending so much time counting to 20 while rubbing soap over suspected fatty globules of virus and not bothering to turn off the faucet.  I made a quick Curbside Delivery trip to Home Depot to pick up the irrigation flags I bought on line and spent a semi-productive 90 minutes with the manual pulled up on my phone as I placed flags appropriately.... or so I thought until I realized that not only is there 1-2-3 but also A-B-C to contend with. 

The temperature was triple digits: I sent My Young Friend to Costco and I went inside to shower.

I had planned to read the last book in the series all the way through today.  I planned to spend an hour doing Pilates.  I planned to finish the irrigation upkeep.

I had very good intentions. 

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