Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I was alive today. 

I exercised and cooked and showered.  I read half of the 22nd book in my 23 book series.

TBG got the mail "because that's something we should still be doing, right?  And I don't have to change my clothes if I just go to the mailbox, right?"

There was nothing of importance, which made me grieve for the USPS for a moment before my brain moved away from the discomfort. 

San Francisco has extended its stay at home order through May, though Big Cuter has been (as of 4pm on Tuesday) unable to determine what steps are being taken to reopen life, right, because I don't mind staying in if it's productive to do so and if there is a plan.... but, is there a plan? he wondered.

I don't like it when my boy is discomfitted, but I'm powerless to assuage his angst. 

I'm really in need of a distraction.  That last sentence had too many ten dollar words, and it's kind of embarrassing to flaunt my education so extravagantly.  I seem to be blathering along here, too.

I was alive today. 


  1. We're off to the car dealer, they want to see the car twice a year, regardless of mileage. I don't want to jeopardize the warranty so we will go. This can be done with masks and eight feet of separation. It will be the first time in a long time to see something new. Yay! A service department. One takes one's fun where one can.

    1. I had my car Clorox Sprayed (or so they said) after my oil change. I was scared to go but needed the work done.
      I thanked someone for calling and asking a question today.... it was something new to think about!


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