Thursday, April 23, 2020

Being Really Sick Right Now

A friend had heart surgery in early February, before we knew just how scary things were. 

Her plan to hike (in sections) the entirety of the Arizona Trail was put on hold while her body revolted.  She wrote a series of goals while preparing for the procedure, starting with Don't Die! 

Having accomplished that,she began to rehab, aiming to get back on The Trail as soon as she could manage.  She had family and friends to encourage and support her every step of the way, until they couldn't any more. 

Thanks to Covid 19, she's socially distant, restricted in her options, and at risk every time she goes out her front door.needs

A friend is considering a variety of treatments for a cancer that just won't seem to go away.  Options include an intense, 2 week trial and a less intense, 7 week, well established regime.  There are pros and cons enough to consider without adding on the now necessary consideration of the number of times he'd be exposed to The Community At Large.

There are many stories in the Shelter In Place Country.  These are just two of them.


  1. I woke up thinking of the word dire. I am upset for the world, the uncertainty but also a dear friend who has been diagnosed with ALS. It took a while to get the diagnosis. This couple have been our closest friends for 50 years and yet they are up there in Oregon right now and we are in Arizona. Just upsetting beyond even the virus, which is bad enough.

    1. And even if you were right there, as I am for my friends, we can't hug them. And we are apart, and need one another and .... oh, Rain, I'm so sorry this is happening (ever, and especially right now).

  2. I had to go to the lab for blood work this morning but felt perfectly safe. The place only allows healthy people in and it's scrubbed to the inth degree.

    Saw a friend there. We recognized each other even though we wore masks (I hate masks) so sat and talked while we waited. She has neighbor who works in one of the toughest ERs in our city. She says it's been the easiest few weeks ever. NO ONE is coming to the ER. So many charities in town are buying and delivering fabulous restaurant meals to the hospital staff so as to support them as well as the restaurants who have less business. The neighbor, the nurse, said she had never felt so appreciated as she does now. It's a bright spot. I take all I can get.

  3. I put off my labs until July. Big Cuter is so proud of SF and Cali in general for getting a handle on the disease. His ER nurse friends have the same experience as yours.

    Thanks for the good news.


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