Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Garden Therapy

Little Cuter was jealous that my roses are blooming.
  She thought you'd like to see photos. 
 Because I am an obliging sort, and because today was like yesterday, and because I cannot write about politics since that would involve watching He Who Makes My Blood Pressure Rise, and because there's no need to excuse sharing beauty, here they are. 
 These white ones are budding out profusely.
 Up close and personal, these, 
  on the same bush.
But there's more than just roses. The sweet acacia,
 a volunteer pooped out by an obliging animal,
 is covered with delightful yellow balls which fall 
and land everywhere, spreading concentrated doses of pollen far and wide.,
even invading my tiny vegetable garden.
The onion is continuing to sprout happily, joined by the radishes popping up beside them.  In the next few days I should see the carrot tops popping through.  Brother sent me a delightfully decorated envelope containing lettuce seeds which, even though they are a cold weather plant, will be put in a pot, just because.  

If you can't get out into the world, I hope this trip through my garden provides some measure of comfort.  I stayed in my nightgown until 4 o'clock, when I ordered Chinese food to be delivered for dinner.  TBG said You look great, comfortable, happy... don't worry about it.... but I did.  It took going outside and smelling the fresh air and examining the plants up close to shake me out of my why bother funk.    

The garden reminds me why.


  1. I love your desert roses. And yes, there is peace and newness in the garden. As one of my wall decorations says, "When the world wearies, ...there is always the garden".

    1. Apparently, garden centers are agricultural businesses and therefore not subject to restrictions on closing. I'm going to talk to my garden maven on the phone and have them deliver some more to my house. I hapve plenty of time to take it easy and dig some holes!

  2. I am seeing roses on my walks here in Fresno. Haven't been out for a few days, though, due to rain and colder temperatures. Maybe today.

    As for keeping to a daily schedule, I think today is the day it went out the window. It's already 9:30 in the morning. All I've done is wash my hair, eat breakfast, do my exercises, read the SF Chron, and now read blogs. Usually, on a regular day, I would have my makeup on, be dressed, and ready to go out for the day. But, there is no where to go, and I'm wondering about why I'm keeping up with the makeup. It's basically just for my own well-being since I get quite upset with the old lady in the mirror on the days I skip the makeup.

  3. Looking in the mirror is frightening.... and Facetiming is just awful unless we get the angle of the camera "just so".... our chins and necks are NOT shown to best advantage with the technology.

    1. I would really like if people would make appointments to FaceTime or Zoom! Just kidding, I'm thrilled to hear from and see people at any time, but oh, that old lady on the screen sure scares me.

  4. I took a selfie of myself the other day wearing my new mask. With that much of my face covered I didn't hate the photo as much as I usually do.


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