Monday, April 13, 2020

Natural Beauty

My Peace rose tree is in bloom.
Giant blooms are about ready to burst - this was the first one.

 The bush outside our bedroom window is also flush with flowers, some yellower than others.
The vases were gifts from a friend who was to celebrate her marriage here in Tucson on Sunday afternoon. Since the happy couple and her children are in Washington, D.C. and the rest of us are sheltering in place here where she used to live, all I could do was break out her glassware and send them a virtual hug.  

And then there was this butterfly, exhausted from being drenched by an hour long rainstorm, drying out on the patio.  She was too tired to move, even as I came in for the close up. 

In troublous times, when Easter Egg hunts are family-centric, when Seders are Zoomed, when nothing seems to be as it was, the natural world reminds me that life goes on.

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