Thursday, February 14, 2019

Open House in Grandma's Garden

It was Tuesday and the Scholars were surprised to see me.
There was a lot of work to be done to ready the garden for the Open House for donors.
Although some were disappointed by the emphasis on work
after a little bit of cheer-leading
the empty pots were filled with aloe 
and random seeds harvested from those spilled on the bench. 
The hanging garden received a careful hand watering.
And there was raking. 
Lots and lots of rakiing.

There was also mischief.
The rules are few and simple.
1.Don't climb on and don't fall off  the rocks.
2. All tools must stay below your shoulders.
Sometimes you just have to stare at Grandma and see how far she'll let you go.
Big smiles and giggles go a long way toward mitigating my wrath,
specially when my heart is soothed by a kid who found a quiet place to dig with a pint sized trowel.
Grandma's Garden is a good place for that.

Wednesday was warm and partly cloudy, perfect for showing off our space.
TBG and Lady Jane were regaled with stories and scallions.
while Beth Hargrove, from Rilllito Nursery 
explored the onion sets and the irrigation system. 
She showed a Gardener how to find and spread the marigold seeds hiding within the moribund flowers remaining on the stalks.  They never really recovered from the freezing nights.  Beth showed us how the garden reseeds itself, with just a little help from its friends.

Grandma's Garden is lucky to have lots of friends.

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