Wednesday, February 13, 2019

@Shuttle CDRKelly

Find the video.

This is a man who believes in science, in facts.

This is a Navy pilot, the Commander of the Space Shuttle, and, because his wife showed him how to use public policy for the common good, his is a powerful voice for responsible gun violence prevention legislation.  

Also, he is very well behaved.

He likes his brother and his brother likes him.  He's friends with the rich and famous (Nancy Sinatra congratulated him on Twitter) and his friends from college. His wife's family likes him.

My family and friends like him.  We all saw him on the worst days of his life.  He always had something for us: a smile, a phone number, a space geek conversation.  He's a real guy, the same person in the video as in his living room.  

He's running to wrest the Participation Trophy from our appointed-by-the-Governor Senator, Martha McSally.  It is true that McSally is not my favorite human, true that I probably would have supported the Democrat no matter who it might turn out to be. But now I have a chance to support someone with whom I agree on my two major issues - health care and guns - and who has a real chance to make a difference in our world.

Did I mention that he is well behaved?  

Mark Kelly for U S Senate.


  1. Best news ever. Feels good to be excited about a candidate again!

  2. I saw this on the news yesterday and cheered.

  3. Replies
    1. Well.... he's not accepting PAC money.... you could send him $3 and feel like he's YOURS!

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