Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What To Do? What To Do? - Random Thoughts

Amy Klobuchar stood in the snow.

Mayor Pete discussed his book from a chair in a gigantic South Bend lobby.

Elizabeth Warren stood on a stage with a gazillion flags behind her.

Howard Schultz is on a book tour, too, as people wonder if buying a venti latte is also making a political statement.

A lot of people are running to be POTUS.  It's a plethora of riches.
Democratic Socialism is being defined in the newspapers.  Racism is roiling Virginia's governance.  Gun Safety Legislation is being passed in State Houses across the land.  Nogales wants the Feds to take down the newly-installed concertina wire; the Feds say Sorry, Charlie.

I'm quite confused.
Legislators known for their negotiating skills were tasked with finding a way to keep our government open.  Between funding a see-through-steel-barrier (see-through-steel being my favorite Trump-ism these days) and limiting the number of ICE's detention beds, we're really between a rock and a hard place.  Should the government shut down, the negotiators will still be paid, even if other employees are not.

There's something very wrong with that picture.  Where's the noise on that front?
It was 40-something degrees outside this morning.  The birds are migrating, perching atop the crepe myrtle, picking at the seed pods.  The poppies are pushing up through the soil,.

Instead of gardening I'm searching for a clean sweatshirt to keep me warm between the car and the gym.  Puget Sound is bracing for the 4th or 5th snowfall in two weeks, trying to function without enough plows or salt or worker bees to clear the streets. 

The world is trying to decipher the difference between weather and climate while our Tucson visitors stare at cold, wet, gloomy skies, and we who live here apologize profusely for the rain and the wind.
What to do?  What to do?


  1. Finally was able to login via Chrome. Safari sends me to an abyss of continually logging in and not being logged in.

    While I'm happy at the Democratic field, Schultz really angers me. We do not need another rich guy, who has no political experience in the White House. Just because he's rich, doesn't mean he can run a country. The arrogance is what really angers me.

    I'm tired of trying to explain to idiots that weather and climate change are not the same. IQ45 has no clue and on Twitter he's constantly touting the weather as to why we don't have global warming. It's infuriating.

    I saw the notice about an agreement to keep the government open. I just hope it doesn't give him any money for that stupid wall. It's a total waste of money.

    Hope everything is going well with you.


    Stacy xxx

  2. Add to it the insects are disappearing (bigger deal than some might think if they are city folk) and then a YouTube I watched this morning by a disaster predictor in terms of what AI will do to our economy-- collapse of everything... That guy recommended a book, which I am considering but not sure I am up to it. I sent the YouTube link to my husband to tell me this is not a real risk... As for the insects, don't use insecticides, leave out dead wood and hope for the world to use its head considering it's not just about us.

  3. I don't vote in Arizona given we aren't here enough of the year but this is certainly an important addition to the Senate race in '20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6695453/Mark-Kelly-announces-run-McCain-Senate-seat-Arizona.html

  4. I am very happy to see Mark Kelly is running. It would be nice if the Republicans would not try to limit the use of mail in ballots, being dropped off at polling places the day of elections.
    We have declared this the "Worst Snowbird Season Ever" based on our non-scientific observations. At least we're not in Seattle where the power has gone out for thousands and there's virtually no snow removal infrastructure.

  5. Good post. A shout out from Puget Sound country, where we are now experiencing 34 degree rain and foot deep saturated snow/slush. It ain't pretty. Kinda' like our politics.


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