Monday, February 25, 2019

A Shoelace Emergency

Sitting on the side of this month's Spirit Assembly,
watching Prince Scholars of the Month pose for pictures with their Mustang Mascot on Crazy Hair Day,
I noticed a shoelace emergency.  One of my most fidgety kindergarteners, sitting at my feet in the very front row, had straggly laces, knotted laces, laces which were invulnerable to my every effort to tie them.  Luckily, my cape's capacious pockets hold a plenitude of shoelaces, donated to GRIN via Facebook's Giving Tuesday event.  

Yes, I carry shoelaces in my pockets. It's what I do.   Unfortunately, I did not carry a pair of scissors.  I raced (in my fashion) across to the cafeteria lady, begged her help, and was able to return the shoes before the next round of photos. 

He really wanted to pull out the old laces, so I left him some easy ends.  The friend looking over his shoulder got in on the act, as well.   
So did his teacher.
A short lesson in tying 
involving bunny ears
came to a screeching halt when the length of the shoelaces became apparent.
Taking over, Ms B explained that the shoelaces were long because they belonged to Grandma Suzi's brother. 
"Your BROTHER??" 
"Yes, my brother."  
"Now I have cool, all grey shoes!
With cool, grey laces."


  1. Ingenious! Never thought of carrying shoelaces in my "bag of tricks." But, I do carry scissors.

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