Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Free Concert and A Front Row Seat to History

Mark Kelly for Senate was really a lot of fun.

For one thing, while everyone was standing, unable to see unless they were in the front few rows or were exceptionally tall or were hoisted on their Daddy's shoulders, TBG were comfortably ensconced on folding chairs in the front row, inside the VIP rope. 

No feet at all in front of us was Luz de Luna

with attitude

and joy

and music.

Oh, the music.

The standing room only crowd began filling the plaza at 2pm.  They kept coming for the better part of an hour, becoming pleasantly restless as the minutes ticked by.  Usually, a long wait is something TBG and I studiously avoid.  But there was a free concert going on right in front of us and the violin bows were crashing into one another in an obviously ongoing battle for supremacy, and the sun was shining and I was there to enjoy it.  

I  took great delight in the superfast recitation of I Am My Own Grandpa by the sound-checking hipster staffer.  I loved the un-muffler-ed motorcyclists who roared around the block, quieted, yelled Mark Kelly for President, and roared off to cheers from the gathered throng.

I admired the traditional Navajo dress of the campaign treasurer.
I loved listening to the youngest survivor of our shared experience command the audience's attention. And I loved this
and this.
And I love that Scott helped Gabby down that ramp to Mark's filial riff on their shared resemblance to the view of the earth from space - round. 

Science and facts permeated his stump speech, drawing more cheers than anything else. With guns and health care and climate change and a living wage as part of his platform,  I'm thrilled that a candidate such as Mark Kelly has a serious chance in my Arizona.
We left with a sticker and a window sign and an American flag - and a whole bunch of intangibles that keep jumping up and grabbing my heart.  It's fun to feel excited about an election again.

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