Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dear Prince Elementary School,

When I was a little girl
I loved my birthdays.  
As I grew older, they became less important.
Yesterday, you made them special for me, again.

I love my birthday cards, and all the words inside and out and on the back (yes, I looked).
Thank you for the compliments; one is never too old to be told that she is beautiful.
 I'm so very happy that my presence makes you smile, cheers you up, makes you glad to see me.
You know that you do all that for me, too, don't you?

You are all beautiful, inside and out.
You all make Prince a very special school..
You are kind and generous and helpful.
You are thoughtful and compassionate and silly.
You are eager learners and willing sharers of knowledge.
You make me feel loved as soon as I come through the door.

I loved my Hallway Serenade, Kindergarten Style.
There's nothing like a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to Me to put a smile on my face.
Your classroom cards are fantastic, as is your penmanship.

And then there was the Cake Parade, developing quite a following as you walked across the playground.  Another chorus of one of my favorite songs accompanied my cutting the cake and the icing roses just so.  On behalf of the last group of Garden Club Scholars (who were lucky enough to be there to share it with me) THANK YOU!!!

You gave me a wonderful day, a "just a little bit more special" day, a day 
I'll remember, always.

Know that you are all welcome - grownups and kids alike - to gather some Prince Super Powers. 
Our Grandma's Garden scallions, parsley, and lettuce is all grown with love.
You've shown me that there's plenty to go around.

With love,
Grandma Suzi


  1. This is so flipping wonderful and I love you and them so much.

  2. I am so glad that you were able to celebrate your birthday with us! We loved showering you with love :)

    1. It was the most fun, ever!! I couldn’t take two steps without encountering a hug or a smile. I love you all right back 💖💖💖
      a/b (aka Grandma Suzi)


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