Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A Day of Starts and Stops

I set my alarm early.  I had 60 more pages of The Sound and the Fury to finish before class.  I read ten or fifteen and drifted back to sleep.  I should've stayed in bed.

Rousing myself once again, I stumbled into the living room, found my space at the end of the couch, took TBG's feet in my lap, and tried to read some more.  Stephanie Ruhle was trying to distract me, but the sound was set at 6, and that's way to quiet for me, especially before I insert Thelma and Louise (yes, I've named my hearing aids.  You may laugh now.)

I managed to get through five or six more pages before my eyes closed once again.  Really, I should've gone back to sleep.

A shower and change of clothes from nightshirt to tights and I drove cross town to Pilates.  Expensive stretching it may be, but it takes my hips out of my glutes and my lats out of my shoulders and rights my head above it all.  Today was no exception; I walked out taller and stronger than I walked in. 

I was no more awake than before, though.

Not-Kathy and Dr K were home, so I stopped by, settled into the comfy chair by the window, and finished off Faulkner.  Apparently, one of the Quentins died, although I missed it in the original telling.  Jason is perhaps the nastiest character with whom I've ever had the misfortune to spend quality time, and I don't care how many times his hopes had been dashed.  He has a malevolent soul and I'm sorry that the course required me to let him into my brain.

I watched my friends decorate their walls with fiber hangings, then checked my email before heading over to Scarlet's house so we could drive to class together.  Did I mention that I should have stayed in bed?  Our teacher sent a blast email informing us that she broke her wrist and is in no condition to teach today; she hoped that she got to us before we trekked to campus.   

I called Scarlet, who was happy to continue packing up her closet.  I said goodbye to the decorating couple.  I drove home and found TBG dead asleep after spin class, Perfect Patty making my home clean and beautiful, and a refrigerator full of food for lunch. 

I'm ready to eat and tackle the next Faulkner opus..... if I can keep my eyes open.


  1. Hopefully, I can comment today. Not sure what's going on. I login and then it keeps asking me to login to post.

    Anyhoo, I'm with you on the being tired. I'm trying to get through an online class for an interview and I'm struggling. I actually really like the class (JavaScript), but I'm having a hard time retaining the content on my second day. The first day, I was fine and whizzed through the exercises and tests. Today, not doing so well. I may take a nap too and see if that helps.

    Haven't read Sound and the Fury, but from what you have described, it doesn't sound like an enjoyable book.

    Sending hugs!

    Stacy xxx

    1. There are some days when we just should've stood in bed, as they say!
      (Glad you can comment!! I don't know what's going on, either)


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