Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Horrified, Redux

Bloomberg Opinion made me smile with this headline:

Democrats Are Putting Gun Control Front and Center
The party has recruited Mark Kelly, who has made the fight against firearms his top issue, to run for the Senate in Republican-leaning Arizona.

Then Facebook made me wonder if this could be true:

Roger Stone Posts and Deletes Photo of Judge With Crosshairs

I followed the link to Time, which I deem a reputable news source, and found the original article along with this comment, toward the end:

some wondered aloud whether the image constituted threatening a federal judge.

Some wondered?????  Threatening?????

The last time I heard about crosshairs on an important person's face a federal judge ended up dead, and the Congresswoman who was targeted took a bullet to the brain.  I'd say that Judge Amy Berman Jackson has every reason to feel threatened.

I hope she is not naive enough to assume that she is not.

Been there.  Done that.  Ended up in a good place, but can't really recommend the precipitating event.  Take care, Judge Jackson.  Take care.


  1. Stone is a total jerk. He should get put in jail until trial with this stunt. Our country has had too many assassinations to take this lightly.

    1. And you and I disagree around the edges of so much of this argument yet here we are 100% aligned :-)
      Every Republican talking head of substance refers to Stone as "a fool" but the people who might act on his "suggestion" are right there with him.

    2. I don't know if we disagree as much as you might think. I don't know if you wanted all guns taken (some of my liberal friends do) but for me, as a gun owner (and concealed weapon permit), I'd be all for regulations that limited who can buy a gun with a strong, fingerprint search required so background checks meant something. Then if someone has something that would've blocked future gun purchases, the police would go get the guns they already have. I wouldn't have a problem with requiring that everybody who guys a gun is registered; so they know where they are. Getting the gun would've prevented the Illinois shooting as that guy was denied a concealed permit and they took away his gun rights but did not follow up with getting that gun. It will never prevent all shootings but it'd do better than we're doing now. If I recall, Gabby and Mark Kelly have said they are gun owners. Most gun owners are responsible or we'd have a lot more like what happened at Safeway that day. Mental health could block gun ownership if everybody reported their fears of someone like the Parkland shooter. We could do more and not take away all guns.

    3. You're right. On this, we agree much more than I thought. Yes, Mark and Gabby have guns. Mental health checks - Red Flag Laws - are a great short term solution. I just love that the country is taking the issue seriously.... it seems, anyow.

    4. The judge has set a hearing for Thursday and ordered Stone to be present. Hope she revokes his bail!!!

    5. Fingers crossed that she sends that message loud and clear!


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