Thursday, February 22, 2018

Responding Respectfully - A Snippet

A friend, a fellow shootee, finds solace in God. 

Praying works for him, he tells me.  It's a powerful force, if only we would harness it to expunge the evil from our world.  Evil exists, has always existed, will always exist, his latest missive explained.  Railing against individuals gets us no where, trying to protect ourselves from them is foolish, no matter what we do, they will be there and they will find a way to do their mischief. 

Prayer and belief have something to do with saving ourselves from total despair, it seems, but I had a simpler response, one from my heart, laced with friendship and respect:
Okay, evil exists.  Do we have to arm it?


  1. I'v heard a lot like that and find it borderline offensive as does the comment that we took prayer out of the school and this is what we get. grrrrrr. When we can do something about guns in the wrong hands, the wrong kinds of guns, mental illness, better security in the schools with limited entrances, metal detectors, all of that and we don't, why lay it on God! Prayer can't be kept out of the schools is what I want to say. I bet some of the ones shot were praying. It didn't stop the bullets. We have a responsibility to do something and we could. If we don't, it'll be partisan blocking-- on both sides.

    1. I agree! The MSD students who railed ar the President knew it too


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