Friday, February 2, 2018

A Short and Heartfelt Rant


Why oh why oh why do you need to drive 10 miles below the speed limit on a two lane, no passing zone forever, road?


Why oh why oh why do you need to creep up to the red light half a mile away, on a busy four lane through street, with a left turn arrow tantalizing me up ahead?  I could reach it if you would keep up with the traffic passing us on the right.


Why oh why oh why do you come to a full and complete stop before making the right turn into the parking lot?  Do you not remember that you were moving, with the traffic, at a fast clip?  Do you not wonder what will happen to the cars behind you? 

And why oh why oh why are you allergic to your turn signal?

If only this were directed to one car, one drive, one incident.  But, no, it's an epidemic of stupid on Tucson's streets.  As the weather gets colder up north, the snowbirds bring their poor driving habits to us.  There's really no excuse.... it's neither icy nor snowy here.



  1. Sadly a lot of people keep driving when they should not. There are alternatives today

  2. All in favor of physical exams and continuing education for drivers of motor vehicles please raise your hand!

    Eye exams and mobility exams should be mandatory every two years. How many seniors have you seen use a walker to get to their car then use their hands to pull their legs inside? If you can't move your legs, how do you manage the pedals?

    Continuing education should include rules of the road, driving skills, technology use, and ANGER MANAGEMENT!

    Some states have the ability to anonymously report elderly drivers who are then invited for an in person safety review at the DMV. In the meanwhile, leave earlier, breathe deeply and pay attention to the road. And thanks to whomever reported my Dad.

    1. Arizona gives you a license at 18 that lasts til you are 65. Then you need a new one every 5 years. I had an eye exam, but no "can I turn my head" exam. Intelligent don't drive stupidly features on cars just allows those who shouldn't to do it.

      I lifted my leg into the car for years, but I could move my lower leg just fine. Driving wasn't the same as holding myself up from my hips, nor was swiveling myself into the seat.

      And YES, Daddy shouldn't have been driving for a loooooong loooong time - proven when he turned the wrong way onto a one way street while exiting the DMV testing area.
      (your sister)


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