Friday, February 9, 2018

It's So Hard to Be Three


Mamma, I wanna watch Cinderella videos now, I got all ready she says sweetly, proudly, while gently rubbing her mother's elbow.

Mother rouses herself, looks at the clock, and explains the situation.

FlapJilly, you know that the clock has to say 6 or 7 before you can get out of bed .... it's too early for videos...

She is interrupted,

But I got myself all ready!!!! the kid wails, disconsolately, piteously, loudly, in the dark, certain of the righteousness of her request.

And then Little Cuter notices the damp hair, the neater-than-bed head-curls, the headband.... and as they lie down to snuggle each other to sleep, she rolls over onto to the brush and the spray bottle....  and she realizes that, in fact, FlapJilly had gotten herself all ready... all by herself.

And, tired as she was, she smiled.
If this is too much of a grandma-alone-is-interested-in-this post, I apologize.
Sometimes, she's all that I can think about. 

I refuse to write about spousal abusers in the White House.
I refuse to write about a military parade tearing up the pavement on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I want to revel in the antics of my grandchild, hoping that the world becomes worthy of her.


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