Monday, February 26, 2018

Delay of Gratification

I'm trying to be good.  Really, I am.  But it's hard, denizens, it's very very hard to put off until tomorrow what I really really really want today. 

No, children, I am NOT singing Mick Jagger to myself, because I can get what I want ..... and I have what I need .... but I know I shouldn't.

All this angst is over a library book. 

I'm in the middle of C.J. Box's Joe Pickett mystery series.  I have two of the next three titles in the series available right now, one in hardback, one as an ebook.  Unfortunately, the first of the next three is still on hold at the library.

It's on hold in two versions - book and ebook - on four total copies.  I'm number 1 on the wait list for each version.  One book is in transit.  I choose to believe that it is coming to my library for me and that it will be there tomorrow morning.  Because I believe that, it seems foolish to pay Amazon for an ebook tonight.  I ought to be able to wait, right?

I went to the gym, ran an errand with TBG, read the local paper's sports reporting on Sean Miller (don't ask; I'm too sad to speak of it), made Aidells chicken apple sausage on the barbeque, pruned and deadheaded and fertilized the containers.... I even watched a little golf.

It's not helping.  Once I finish this post I'll convince TBG to take me out for a milkshake.  I'll lobby to watch Thor or Counterpart on tv.  I'll go to bed early and do laundry and groceries and my banking all so that I'm ready as the doors to the library open at 10am.

I may be able to delay gratification, but only for so long.

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