Monday, February 5, 2018

The Super Bowl - Random Thoughts

I had half a dog in this game.  Nick Foles is a UofA graduate. 

Of course, so is Ron Gronkowski. 

On Friday, my 3D mammogram technician, a Philly native, urged me to care about her Eagles. 

A friend promised retribution if any of her Facebook friends were Patriots fans.
One sentence at a time, that's how I watched the game. There was a lot of offense and not a lot of penalties, so I could be fairly certain that there would be something worth watching when I cruised past the tv.  I couldn't sit still all afternoon.

I spent most of the pre-game and into the first quarter pruning my rose bushes which cannot make up their minds regarding dormancy. 

I grilled steaks outside, listening to the coyotes and Justin Timberlake, as they got ready for halftime.

I laughed at the thought of Minneapolis, where there are no degrees to be reported.
When the Rolling Stones performed at the Super Bowl half time, Little Cuter wondered why and oldies band was an appropriate choice. 

Tonight, I reminded myself that NSYNC was her music.  I wonder how Justin Timberlake played for her now.
The commercials were all about tolerance.  I had none - there would be no talking while they were running.

TBG promised that he would take the phone into another room if he had to speak to his son during the game's interruptions, and it took only one plaintive look for him to take the phone off speaker and remove himself from my presence. 

I missed him, but not for long.  "I want to watch these babies," he told Big Cuter as he cut their connection. 

I knew I was right.
And then the back up beat the superstar and large men in sweaty numbered uniforms, many of them holding babies wearing headphones, leaned in to kiss a shiny silver trophy as it made its way to the podium. 

Game over.  No more football for many months to come.

Life is good.


  1. I don't watch football very often and married a man who cares even less about it. We both watched last night. I didn't care a lot who won although I leaned a bit toward Brady just out of aging sympathy maybe ;). Okay, he's also super cute. But I really didn't care and felt the Eagles were very good especially given it was a backup quarterback, who proved to really gel with them in a way maybe their regular would not have. Maybe the Patriots bought their own spin ;).

    On the ads, I was not a fan of any of them. I guess some were cute like the Crocodile Dundee move to be that isn't, but generally I could have cared less. Same with Timberlake, who seemed to be trying to bring back boy bands but then other than junk in a box ;) I haven't liked much of his music ever... Right now my favorite music is the birds outside and silence inside.

    It was different that we watched the game together. That doesn't happen usually.

    1. There was something watchable about it even if the commercials weren't as over the top special as they have been. Perhaps this is another sign of the diminution if football I'm out society?!?!

  2. I despise Brady and his coach and the Patriots and their fans. But I also rooted for the Eagles because the backup quarterback to Foles is the former IU quarterback Nate Sudfeld. :)

    1. Out of curiosity, Laura, why do you despise the Patriot fans??? I haven't seen a lot of football but do Boston-ers also set fires and riot when their team wins like the Eagles fans did in Philly?


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