Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Good Day

It started with a dream which ended with me rolling over and belting TBG in the belly.... for reasons which remain in the dream.  It got much better from there.

I did laundry, in the machine and by hand.  I took a chance and hung clothes outside to dry, but the wind was fierce and they didn't last long.  I saved them before they ended up in the pool; I was not interested in washing them twice.

There were intermittent clouds, and they were full of moisture, and the humidity and my hip were interacting in strange and unusual ways.  Sitting at mah jong was a challenge, not only because my first chair had a dent in the seat that put my chin at table height.  I'm short, but not that short, as we all agreed when I switched it out and was able to see above my tiles in the rack.  I won the first game handily and made only one egregious mistake all morning,   That was enough to satisfy my competitive spirit, even if it exacerbated the discussion my newly regenerating nerves were having with the rest of my self.

After a weekend with friends old and dear, sitting on cold benches and walking for hours through the art fair and the museum and back and forth to my car (more on this, with pictures, coming soon), I'd used up whatever good will my body had for me.  Scarlett and I had a leisurely lunch after our game, after which I hobbled back to The Uv with neither grace nor alacrity.

Pilates was cancelled and they forgot to tell me.  I was happy to work out on my own, and even happier when I was offered a complimentary massage to compensate for their mistake.  I stretched myself, slow and steady, and managed an almost even gait as I went in to get dinner from the Chinese restaurant across the street.

I came home and read some more Joe Pickett and snacked on take out and felt the fresh air.  T

And now, the window is open as I'm typing to you.  The rain was pleasant background noise, the smell of creosote strong on the wind now that it's gone.  It feels like early spring on Long Island, in between too cold and I don't need a jacket, the trees bending and the leaves greening up, and hope is in the air.

Hope.  Because the youngest amongst us are energized in a way that they have not been before.  They call bs and demand change and they're going to Washington DC on March 24th to make their voices heard.  There are plans afoot, and I'll keep you posted.  For now, watch the next generation of voters take charge of the issue:

Yes, it was a very good day.

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  1. You know, if you decide to come to DC, you have a room with us. We have a lovely guest room with it's own full-bath.

    Glad you had a great weekend. Life is about enjoying the small things. :)

    Sending love and hugs.

    Stacy xxx


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