Friday, February 23, 2018


Among the wonderful things I did with dear friends last week, there was this:
The Tucson Museum of Art was free, the final days of their special exhibit complementing the artisans gathered outside, 
beneath tents, hawking their wares in a Thank-God-It's-Not-Raining-Today mood.

Dress Matters: Clothing as Metaphor was, at times, heavy-handed.
Here's the description
of this dress.
And yes, it says Fare Well atop the bodice.
And those are not pearls, they are tiny lead weights.
How very Virginia Woolf, we opined, and moved on.

Beatrice Colon's Fashion Statement
is cut from the paper traditionally used to wrap tamales.
Every stripe had meaning(s). 

We walked some more and ate some more and talked a lot more, then I went out into the fair, again,
where there were lava stone bracelets just begging to be dosed with essential oils
and earrings
none of them with any metaphorical or political or any other underpinning I could discern, 
nothing other than the joy creating beauty brought to them.  

There's a lot to be said for that, too.


  1. Amazing! I love going to museums. We have great museums here in DC, but one of my favorites are the ones in San Diego. One has to pay, but it's totally worth it.

    Thanks for sharing these pics with us.

    Happy Friday!

    Stacy xxx

    1. DC is the best for museums. The Freer, the Portrait Gallery, Dorothy’s red shoes...and they ar3 all free!


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