Monday, February 19, 2018

Valentines Day at Amphi Middle School

This is why I didn't find out about Parkland as it was happening.
I was worrying about what I should have been worrying about - would the Valentines Day Create-A-Thon be a success. I set out the stamps and the paper and the markers and the stickers and waited for kids to sit down and play.  
It didn't take long.  
The 6th graders have been waiting for their chance since I started this little love fest five years ago.  The Prince kids watch me set up, 
but they can't participate until they are the big kids.  Delay of Gratification..... there are so many sighs...... because even the teachers can play, and they can't.
Faces were decorated.

and faces were admired.
My volunteers are just as loved as I am.
We gave advice about spelling (Valentine isn't on the I've-been-in-America-for-6-months language list, I guess.)
We listened as a young man explained why he was pleating paper, 
as others tried to decide on the recipients of their largesse.
There was so much love in the air.

in all kinds of languages

Some asked, politely, for assistance, this holiday being a new experience.
Some were delighted to show their work.
And some spoke exactly to the reason I volunteer at this school:


  1. You do good work. Thank you for being there for those kids.

    1. It's good work and fun work and I love it. AMS is "making Americans" and I'm just doing my part around the edges :-)

  2. I love this. You are so good to take the time and effort to provide such a wonderful experience. And, yes, wasn't it better being there with the love than hearing about the horror at another school. Terry texted me and I saw it just as I was leaving Columbia. I told him, no guns here, just lots of love and Valentines.

    1. As you well know, we get more than we give! I was SO GLAD to have been there than in front of the tv or hearing it on the radio. I had my happy thoughts all afternoon!

  3. Replies
    1. Hardly. I got to spend two hours having kids say thank you to me! they smiled at me and hugged me and told me they missed me and I felt very very loved. If that makes me a hero, Thank You!


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